Monday 24 March 2014

march and its going ons...

Hi again March nearly done and the year is flying past.
Its monday morning here and cloudy and a little cooler.

I had a lovely time at Sew tthis and That in Morayfield again this year with Danielle, Joanne and Frank.

Sorry about the photo quality.. Big classes with very keen to learn ladies.
Then off to Patches Indoorropilly with Sharon. Many thanks to my froends Jenny , Ian and the lovely cuddly Charlie for looking after me again in wonderful style.
The ladies were terrific to teach and look out for dates for 2015 to continue your quilting journey.

My Friday once a month class at Kings Park Hobby Sew , didnt have a classroom last week ,so the girls came to my place and we had a wonderful day of dyeing fabrics. I am by no means a professional dyer. My dad was , he owned The Luton Dye Works in Kensington and I spent my childhood around, vats , fabrics and dyes. I have set my self up at home dyeing small amounts for my own personel use. This I shared with my class. I felt Dads presence all day looking down on me with a big smile on his face . But probually wanting to tell me to do it all a different way mind you.... I called the class " The Kangangra Dye Works " . Tongue in cheek Kanangra is my homes name ....Just for fun nothing serious   here........ :) The results of the day we are sharing next class so Ill post photos then.

My front garden was perfect for the exercise. We all had a terrific day . Thanks girls....

I posted a while back about the idea of using a pool foating tube to use for your pins.. Well yes it works at treat. I cut the tube down the centre to have a flat side to rest on my right hand side table next to my machine

So Im ready to quilt today , pins, threads and my morning cuppa by my side. Happy :) 

I finished quilting my latest top yesterday and binding now .

Im happy with the quilting, a combination offree motion and  straight stitching with the walking foot and a stitch length af 5. Yes really large stitches to make a strong impact and free form feathers.. Ienjoyed quilting   it . I didnt ditch but I stabalized the quilt in a loose grid and then just let the quilt tell me .
So in areas I have cross over straight stitching then feathers over the top. No real plan ( which is very different for me). But thats what I want to achieve this year a free relaxed style of piecing and quilting. Even loving the curved edges......... Its kind of fun just jumping in quilting large stitches and not instraight  lines..!!!!! yes I can do that I kept telling myself.....  it doesnt have to be formal and propper. Its my quilt and Ill do what I like ..... More quilting today. Big week rest of the week teaching.

Thanks for Listening 
Happy Quilting 

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