Monday 7 April 2014

Design Wall up and running

My new room needed a design wall. So my wonderful husband John got his thinking cap on and came up with the fantastic wall for me. For making quilts I think it is so necessary to stand back to view your quilts as your designing and stitching.

We purchased 4 sets of these mats from our local bunnings store. At just $12.00 a 4 pack , this is a very economical solution . I think these mats  are used for yoga or kids toy areas etc. They come with holes in the mats or without . I chose without. They lock together like a jig saw puzzle. A few colours but for me the charcoal was perfect.

John got to work this evening laying the tiles on the wall.  He first used a double sided tape but this didnt feel terribly secure , so a few small nails in the tiles they are up and terrific.

John  with bis masterpiece...... It covers a space of nealy 100 inches sqaure or 2.5 metres. Sensational...
The pins just glide into the foam. You could always lay cotton wadding over the tiles if you prefer to not pin your fabrics. I do like to pin in place. I will even be able to block quilts on the boards.

So up went the quilts , notes, awards etc... 

I know a lot of people like to see other peoples sewing spaces so Im showing you mine.

I have the design  wall behind my table and machine, with the ironing bench next to the wall and cutting at the end of my large table. Fabric is stored in the ikea draws , sound system to sing along with and a tv all essential for me. Im really comfortable and extreemly happy with my space. 

Thank you John your wonderful xx 

Thank you for listening 
Happy Quilting


Anonymous said...

It looks great Deb and so cost effective What a handy better half you have Carole

Deborah Louie said...

Thanks so easy and cheap

Pip said...

I've been looking at those mats but with a slightly different quilting use in mind, I thought they might
work for blocking out a quilt as you could pin the quilt on to them, and when it wasn't in use they could easily be stacked away, do you think that would work?

Deborah Louie said...

Yes they would be perfect for blocking wet quilts. My thoughts as well... Pip

Lee B said...

What a brilliant wall Deb - inspirational as always