Tuesday 3 June 2014

Bernina updates on machines

  I was chatting toKerrie Hay from Bernina Australia today about the updates for the 7 series machines. It came up because 2 weeks ago I was teaching at hobby sew kings park a HOW TO USE YOUR BERNINA 7 series machine class....
Great day we had fun and the ladies are confident machine users now . Anyway one of the ladies had a stick with the latest update from the Bernina .com web site. she installed into her machine and then mine . Great I thought......
Kerrie was saying that if you install the latest soft wear and your machine has not had all of the updates previous to this , it can cause problems. sometimes and this is rare , but  updates have bugs and Bernina withdraws them from the site as quick as possible. You don't want any bugs in the machine .
SO BEST THING TO DO IS BE IN CONTACT WITH YOUR DEALER they will advise you when you need an update by their mechanic.
Anyway just thought I'd let you know this info.

I have just spent the last 4 days writing a feature article for quilters companion magazine on Battings / waddings  in the market. The choices we have are enormous and I hope in a few months time when reading the articles you will have more understanding of the choices for your beautiful quilts. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about them myself.   I also tested batting tape to join your wadding and it's fantastic... So easy and strong....

Now back to class work and quilting show quilt ...... Will this ever end !!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for listening
Happy quilting
X Deb

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