Friday 6 June 2014

Lovely letter

These are the days  that make me really thrilled that  I do make a difference sometimes ...
Email recieved the other day ..... 
Hi Deb, 
I thought I might give you an update on the last 18 months, since I attended your appliqué, trapunto and free motion class.
I attended the workshop with my mums bernina, an 1120. An old machine, only 12 or so stitches in total, I didn't even have a blanket stitch!  
I really enjoyed the class, more so than I can express in an email.  I have always been able to sew, but until I attended your class I wasn't really sure of the direction I wanted to take with my sewing. There are so many diff techniques, hand sewing, machine, patchwork, appliqué etc. I knew I wanted to sew (by machine!) but not what or how. 
Anyway, after I attended your class, I made the giant leap of buying a 7 series, 750. 
No, not giant leap, QUANTUM leap! I don't need to tell you what a pleasure it is to sew with. And since then I haven't looked back. 
Last week my incredibly supportive husband indulged me with three days, alone, at the shack, just to sew. (Indulged because he looked after our 2 year old, and helped my dad build a fence, so totally took one for the team) and I managed to finish my workshop piece. Yay.
It wasn't until I was three quarters of the way through that I felt comfortable with the free motion, it really is a case of practice, practice and more practice. Which I intend to do, because as a quilter, I have about 8 projects on the go!
I thought you might like to see the finished product, well I still need to do the binding, which I liken to finding that final effort after you have run a marathon, to take your clothes off and get into the bath!  You know you need to, but that final bit of effort seems monumental... I plan to do it over the next few weeks...promise...
Anyway, thanks for listening.
Happy sewing.
Good luck with your show piece.

Wonderful Danielle   Congratulations , you have jumped in and fallen in love with machine quilting 
makes me so proud 
Thank you for the letter It means the world.
we all have our good and bad days .....and sometimes when I'm having one of the darker days these and other student achievements keep me going ....
Thanks for listening 
Happy  Quilting 

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