Friday 4 July 2014

fabric warning.....


I was just about to start pinning a top I pieced about 6 weeks ago , when I got a real surprise.

The backing was pieced up and ready , I had it hanging on my sewing rooms railing ready for when I got a chance . Earlier this afternoon  I decided to take a break from piecing and pin the quilt. Well look what I found.

This fabric is just plain rich strong brown plain homespun, but now I have a blended value fabric......
The lightest was on the top and the rest folded underneath. It has been in the sun in my room. sure it has been beautiful and sunny here in sydney the last 3 weeks but I never thought the fabric would be so light sensative so QUICKLY......

I have been keeping quilts over my railing to enjoy them as I stitch but Im going to stop that now.

Its school holidays , even though my children are adults now I try and take some time off every holidays. I have had a beautiful 4 days sewing , working on my free form cutting and piecing quilts.

 Im really REALLY excited to offer workshops  from 2015 in this technique. Working on a body of work (Im calling it )  at least 20 quilts where I try many variations and colourways as possible to give students many options and inspiration.
The two day class will involved learning the free cutting and piecing technique and making a unique composition contempoary quilt top and then quilting it with the walking foot large stitching and free motion quilting.
I believe this to be a unique workshop and Im very excited, 
I have a few bookings so far 
2015 Berry retreat 
2015 Sewing connection Pakenham Melbourne 

I have kept this pretty quiet so far seeing if this will work well and I think it will. 
I absolutly LOVE every day when I get on the machine , selecting my pallet of colours, and not knowing the direction this new quilt will take. It ALWAYS surprises me what I end up with at the end of the day.....
I will enjoy sharing with you more views of the finished quilts as I get time in my schedule to make more.
 Thank you for listening 
Happy Quilting 

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