Friday 27 June 2014

memorising stitches on the Bernina 7 series

The dvd  with Michelle Marvig and Myself with Quilters Companion magazine is only a few days out and alread I have requestes how to memorise personal stitches. The magazine is selling fast so get a copy if you already dont have one. 
I love all the quilts in the magazine Great job Clare Mooney.

well firstly I will show the Bernina 7 series.
Ill do other brand of machines as I have them in class. HOWEVER some machines do not have this compacity.......

want 2 stitch  lengths when I quilt.

My starting stitch length is 0.60

press # 1 on your utility screen and take lenth down to 0.60

now 2 ways to memorize this 

1. press i button and then press MEM button

2. Now press #2 zig zag take width to 0 and length to 3.5

You have made a straight stitch out of a zig zag and press MEM again

press #1 again make changes as above for small stitches  press the heart button

Press the middle file the saveing file 

Then press the top file which is the retreaving button

Now make changes again to the #1 stitch to the length you want say 3.5

Press the heat button again and press the file middle button  and there will be your second length press the yellow sqaure.

Now to retreave both of these pres the top top button again in the heart program 

Here is your two saved stitches just toggle between the two.Thery are there forever or untill to press the trash button in the heart program.

SO EASY..... quick and efficient.

If you like a pivot or change the tension setting etc make changes and press these  before you save them into the presonnel heart file .

Or you can make changes after just by pressing the i buttom and press MEM .

Hope this helps ....

I went to IKea the other week and could not resist this clock, so cute . It comes with seperated hexagon shapes and you put it together in whatever formation you  desire. But just like ikea there is always a trick. The pieces kept falling apart so John  and I glued them in place .....

Just a quick update for those who know ,John has the boot off his leg now and back to office duties for a month on tuesday next week. He has recovered very well. Today he did a great job of attaching a peg boards to either the side of my ikea fabric draws.
So everything is quick at hand just to the right and behind my chair and machine. He is very handy to have around xx 


debsway said...

Hii Deb, watched the DVD yesterday and just loved it. It's always great to keep learning from great teachers like yourself!! Thank you for sharing xx

Deborah Louie said...

Hi Deb your welcome .I havn't watched it yet ... bit scary really .......

C Frame Presses said...

hi deb watched it :) Its good :)