Wednesday 20 August 2014

janome horizon stitch memory

 I had a great break through recently.......
Thank you to the owners of these machines who have assised me in finding this .....

For those that have attended my macine quilting workshops will know that I use two stitch lengths to quilt quilts with the walking foot.
On some machines like Berninas to memorize these into the machine either permanently or temporary is easy. But I have always found some of the Janome machines in particular the Horizon machine a challenge to memorise. 
Well I have the answer in this photos.
I really hope this excites you Janome owners   as much as it has excited me . Yes I know !!!! sad .... But quilting life is so much easier, efficient and fast if your machine can memorise changes to the default settings.
Okay here is the horizon 

Now select stitch # 151. this is a straight stitch with needle position centered  see below: 
but the length is 2.50  which is too long.....

Now change the length down to 1.00 

Now this is where the trick is just press the rectangle box on the srceen itself where the length and width are 
and the above screen comes up . just touch the m file icon .

Then the 1.00 has a c above it . This is now memorised. To cancell press the rectangle again and choose  the bin icon not the m icon.
Now choose 152 stitch and choose your long length of 3.5, 4.00 or 4.50 and memorise as above.
So now toggle back to #151 enter , to get your small stitches , toggle back to #152 enter , for your long stitch. 

I highly recommend using this accessory foot . It is the open toe version to quilt with. Available from your Janome retailer. Most shops you will have to order in but Hobby sew kings park has stocks of them. Well worth the money for beautiful vision.

Hope this helps if it does please let me know if your happy with this or if you have found an easier way.

Today in class at Kings Park Hobby Sew , Deb is going so well. Deb is a new quilter and absolutly LOVES her new passion, This is her Heatrs and lollipops quilt and she is starting her border now. 
Deb has a big Brother machine which is beautiful and look at this stitch below , only one of many beautiful decorative stitching.

It really looks like wattle on the edge of the heart. SO pretty.........
Now Deb wants pretty ribbon for her stems on the lollipops , so the girls at the shop showed us a new Easy Sew product. It is wash away double sided clear tape . How good was this..... jusy unroll, press on the wrong side  then peel away the paper and press onto your fabric. Simple no ironing at all.  LOVE IT.........

And this is also Deb,s quilt a quick jelly roll quilt. 

Deb bought to class a fabric with fairies and large flowers printed that she loved . So i suggested a jelly roll and quilt it in the ditch.Then vlisofix the fairy  fabric and cut out the shapes . Once cut out we put the girls into a pleasing arrangement. Now Deb has the skills the free motion applique the girls in Mono poly thread. It was so wonderful and rewarding for me to see Deb so excited to go home and be confident that she will finish these quilts off beautifully. Skills growing month by month.
Great work DEB ...

Thanks for Listening 
Happy Quilting 

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