Monday 1 September 2014

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I had the great pleasure to teach at Burra in South Australia for the lovely ladies BURRA QUILTERS.

 Burra is a Copper Mining town which is full of history and beautiful old homes and buildings. The building had a common stone which most of the town is built with BLUESTONE . I fell in love with the stone as you can see from the pictures below the stone has wonderful character to it .


The Burra Bowling club room
  The group showed me great hospitality and warmth, the ladies were all extremely eager to learn and they quilted some beautiful work. I ran a 3 day Lets quilt class, first day stage 1 theory and walking foot and the ladies really enjoyed my knowledge and asked a lot of questions, this I love , means they are really thinking is all through .Second day free motion and the third free motion using stencils. This 3 day workshop is intensive but great learning , some quilters prefer to use and feel in more control with the stencils so it gives all styles of quilters many options for quilting their own quilts.

The workshops were held in the Burra Bowling club and I must say the first day was FREEZING ..... I do not enjoy the cold at all but with a heater we all kept busy and soon warmed up . The light at the club was sensational , the bowling clubs around the country have fantastic facilities for workshops , so much window lighting and usually loads of space. We had tables for quilting, tables for preparation and chair areas for theory and drawing.
Great stencil quilting

And more
The Ladies

Table lifters great for pinning or cutting

Thank you Ladies , it was 18 months in the planning but worth while. You were great students and wonderful hosts . Thank you and look forward to seeing your sensational photos of your machine quilted quilts now .
All the best

AFTER BURRA I visited my friend Gina Burgess in her home for 1 night and a day. We enjoyed our time together in her AMAZING studio. WOW..............
Picture below of the studio well only some of it . It is so well organised , and Gina runs workshops there. FANTASTIC


I made a free form medallion for Gina in her studio and now hangs in her home . Thanks Gina for your hospitality and look forward to spending time together again.xx


Till next time
Thanks for Listening
Happy Quilting
XX Deb 

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