Monday 1 September 2014

spring has sprung

Spring is here and I am so happy about it. I dont know about you, but I find winter a very difficult season. I get lazy , not exercising, eating heavy foods , put on weight and start the old doubting myself rubbish .... So spring is here....
Our garden in the new house is starting to flower and I have my daisys.... I love daisys , my favourite flower , they make me happy , make me smile... I was given a daisy strike more that 30 years ago and I have many generations of plants now here . Here are a couple of photos of my garden to get you into the spring mood....

Here is our azalea ball plant all pink and gorgeous.... Budda from Johns late mums garden he's happy amongst the foliage I think...

And my orchids. my mum gave me one of these plants long time ago and every year I get spikes.

Here is the entry to our place all settled and welcoming...
 My mum gave me this chinese jade 27 years ago when we moved into our first home as newly weds and she said it will be a blessing you will never need for $. So I look after it ......big time....

Anyway thanks for listening ... Im happy its spring and on to new wonderful projects, more outdoor activities and sunshine... bring it on......

Im so proud of my students they are producing wonderful work.

Here above   is Sandra from Pegs Pieces Tuesday , with 3 quilts all machine  quilted beautifully and her new Bernina which I will help her get to know over the next few months. How impressive are Sandras hook feathers in the borders..... woo hoo.....

Here above  is Kylie and Kaziah  from  Pegs Pieces  saturday and the wonderful cushion for Kaziahs bed, free motion appliqued and then very impressivly trapunto feathers and hearts... Kaziah loves it .....Magic..

Here above is Learnes from Hobby Sew Figtree finished top and now for quilting .... stunning.....

Here above is Leanne with her completed top as well, made larger and the long off centre medallion block is beautiful, now for the quilting , I cant wait ...

Here above is Wendys STUNNING top. Its funny,  last year Wendy, Leanne and I all fell in love with the geometric circular patterns in the fabric that Wendy has use in the outside blocks. We had a challenge, what could we all do with these fabrics.... Well mine is still in the cupboard, Leanne is still in the cupboard and Wendy well................ It started out first as strip dresdons and soon with our heads together came up with this block lay out..... Stunning isant it. Now wendy will quilt this with black feathers in the black areas , ditching at all of course and free form verigated feathers in the plain plates.... Tremendous..... go girl......
 Can you see why Im so proud of my students ..... they hang in there and create stunning quilts.

I have finshed my Nieces quilt for her wedding, they have a sailing boat with the interior colours of this deep red and white piping. So I thought I would make a chevron quilt for them both . Im pretty happy with it . 

The cushion is clam shells by machine, I showed my students this technique this month as my next quilt will have a large border of clams around it. So I wanted to show them how easy they are to stitch on the machine.

The startings on my new class quilt. Desiging the applique shapes is a process I adore .... I will spend hours drawing and trying to come up with something new, fresh and exciting for my once a month ladies to get inspiration from. 

I have ammended my page on classes for 2014/15. 
the classes so far that are booked are mainly once a month and a few retreats which are at the following:

Pegs Pieces Kirrawee on a tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday once a month.
Call Bernadette or Ian Hoy on 9542 3513

Hobby Sew Kings Park Thursday and Friday once a month 
Call Lynn or Rosemary on 96214000

Hobby Sew FigTree wednesday once a month 
Call Kerrie or Nichole on 42298188

Material Obsession Once a month Thursday once a month 
Call the shop on 98196455

These classes are terrific , Im very proud of them. I teach all levels of machine applique ,Machine Quilting and Free from piecing and quilting. I have many quilts to chose from to make or I advise and help you quilt your own quilts.  Some shops have a specific applique in the morning and quiing in the afternoon program. If you would like to make a year commitment to your machine quilting please come along. 

 I have been working through a body of work in this new free form piecing and quilting style. I adore this freedom , and I will blog more about it later but in the mean time enjoy this latest piece.

Thanks for Listening 
Happy Quilting


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