Monday 25 May 2015

busy times

What a wnderful email I received last week From Jenny. I taught Jenny the Daisy Paths quilt techniques in Palmerston North symposium in January
Jenny has made a stunning wall hanging out of the pattern.

Isant it beautiful.
Congratulations and thank you Jenny  for sharing with us all.
It is lovely to hear from you and have a show and tell I can share with others.

I would like to share a few new classes 
This one below is a one day GLAM CLAM worksop.
It highlights all the decorative stitches on your sewing machine .
easy to do and really effective .
Contact me shop and groups if you are intrested for 2016 in both new classes 

This one is  " A Little Garden"  a 2 day workshop of decorative machine applique . So cute and enjoyable to make. New technique shown in this class.. very cool too....

It is also wonderful for me to get feed back from your class experience. This is from Simone from Saturdays class at Hobby Sew KIngs Park.
Hi Deb
I cant thank you enough for Saturdays class- it was brilliant :) I have just been practicing my "sixes" and am having a minor brain explosion thinking about the possibilities. Im sure you already know it , but if you havnt been told lately you have an amazing talent for teaching. I really appreciate how much information you have shared in your workbook,
Thanks again 

And below Simone first machine quilt, quilted perfectly after the first walking foot stage 1 class. GREAT JOB and than you for the kind words. We all like to hear now and then were doing a good job. 

Some beautiful flowers being produced in the friday Hobby Sew class  below 

 Till next time 
Happy Quilting 

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