Tuesday 14 April 2020

Keeping busy

I hope this finds you all well in these uncertain times.
It is the 14 th April Tuesday early morning, the time of day I like to either rise early and go for a lovely long walk or do some work with on the machine or in the office before the day really starts.

All of my family are essential workers so they are busy working and I am grateful they are all well.

We have just had Easter, very different for all of us this year. It was John and myself only here and we had a nice time. We made the most of it. Desperately missed our family but they are safe and with their partners keeping safe. John will be sad to see the end of Hot Cross buns. He is one of those that rejoices straight after Christmas when the Hot cross buns come out in the shops !!!  He loves them....

I have spend way too much time reading the news, watching the news , updates, facebook so much Facebook and jig saw puzzles which I give up on way too quickly !!!!!! now its time to do...
I cant change whats happening in my world, all work postponed but I can change my making use of this time.

Yes its hard to stay focus, and I drift off some days , have a tear , binge a movie ( I highly recommend
Unorthodox wonderful human story of a young woman who changes her world and Parasite if you like a thriller, both on Stan ) but then have a talking to myself and get on with it.

 I would like to thank my many friends who are calling for a chat, messaged me, Face time chats , zoom fun get togethers, just calling to say Hi. This means a lot to me.

I need to do this as well , keep in touch. I message some of my friends often just a quick Are you okay today ?  Days sometimes for some of us can be lonely when were not used to being home so much and to know that others are thinking of us means a huge amount.

Just a quick Are you okay perhaps to a friend of yours today might make their day .
If you need more help call HELPLINE 13 11 14

I read somewhere, probably facebook, that well nows the time .... if you have said when I have the time I would like to do....... yep well,  now is the time.

I am busy stitching projects and writing a new book and this is happening but more about that when I am able to.

My one day is I would  like is ......to paint fabric again......

I use to work in the textile printing industry a hundred years ago... so I knew what I needed.
I bought some fabric printing inks a few weeks ago on line , ( Permaset ) I have prepared for dyeing fabric and this weekend made a go of paining my own fabric.  I use to do this a long time ago and that old when I have time saying.... well, no time like the Easter long weekend to made a start.

Here what happened...

John set up foldable plastic tables with black plastic over the top , a table with a sink in it in the garden and off I went. Plastic bowls , spoons for mixing inks. They are all water based and enviro friendly.

Well not as easy as I thought or remembered, tried a few flowers, not happy with the results there so I went for a more contemporary look.  ha ha easy way out....

DAY ONE  circles, Abstract fun circle in circles.

First round I used bright colours. The inks blend easily creating more colours , it felt wonderful just to PLAY. I was not concerned with what went with what , just had fun.

Then to finish off the black fluid lines finished it off really well I thought. Left outside under cover overnight then a press with a very hot iron for a few minutes cures the ink. 

Day TWO    experiment with line work . 

A base of abstract painted lines of different sizes of 9 colours, blended well together, this took a few hours at first to make a base. I painted the blues to greens first then the contrast pinks, purples and coral.   

Then 3 sizes of lines in black and white which was made by dipping metal bars that  John cut for me and an angle bar in the ink to get the squares , all stamped on the fabric . Done.  Ummmmm fun remember Deborah just fun....... 

I look forward to more fun days painting, so much you can do.

There is enough fabric here to make a dress os shirt perhaps....
Thats another when I have time  activity for me to ......Get back to dress making , back to my roots........

Thanks for listening

Stay safe and well.
Happy Quilting 


Deb McKellar said...

Morning Deb, loved you words this morning and I totally agree about having the time. I’ve always had projects waiting for when I have the time, and now I have the time!! I started a isolation a few weeks ago and had a huge list and was going real well with ticking off a lot of the jobs, but then just lately I’ve been starting to slow down and feel quiet lazy!! But yesterday I started to get back on track with being more structured during the day, and I find that’s the best for me!!!we all find the world a different world at the moment, but we all cope as best as we can. I’ve got to get up and go for a beach swim now, I’m late!!! Stay safe and keep being you xxxx

Deborah Louie said...

Lovely to hear from you Deb, it’s a strange time that’s for sure.
All the very best to you and your family too.
Xx D

Vanessa said...

Wow Deb that's fabulous can't wait to see you in the dress xx