Tuesday 4 August 2020

Time to slow down

August 4 Th. 2020.

Well, Hi there.
How are you going?
Really I would love to hear in the comments section below for all to see and share if you feel comfortable doing so , how are you in these strange and uncertain days. What have you been sewing? 

I will start ....
I really miss teaching. The sharing of skills, the conversations, the friendships , the talk, the laughs, the fun we have in class. But I don't miss the traffic and airports I must admit. 
Yep I miss the ladies. Its quiet here in my home, which I love so while sewing I have been listening to my favourite artists and singing along, listening to pod casts and watching Netflix and Stan... Have you seen Yellowstone?.... I really am enjoying this series on Stan . 

Cant wait till we can be together , to share and show you cool things you're sewing machine can do, my style of machine appliqué and machine quilting.
But till it is safe to do so I have to wait. I think all of this is teaching me to slow down. Not race around and as they say stop and smell the roses. This is quite an adjustment for me but Im giving it my best.

Let me know if you think a private Zoom 30 min class is something you would like to do with me. Perhaps you need help with perfecting a particular stitch on your machine. Or want some free motion new skills. I am open to chatting about how this might work till classes can resume.
Best to email me 
Deborah @deborahlouie.com.au 

 My 3 online classes are very popular and informative skill building. Still on sale at 20% off as are most of my books.  

Last post I talked about my book with an American publishing house well the first draft is off to them now and fingers crossed they like it. I'm sure there will be adjustments, additions etc . I am grateful to have had the time really during lock down to make and write. 
More info later when I am allowed to share. But very thrilled with it so far.

Im making 3 of the same quilts for my family. Designer Clams. Finally getting the beautiful fabrics I have bought over the years out of the draws and making clam shells. The shape is from my Glamorous Clams template and when all 3 quilts are finished I will post the step by step instructions if any one would like to make this quilt.
Clams are so special to me and to know my loved ones are being kept warm by clams warms my heart. 
Here the clams are 3 deep for each colour way and as I appliqué one row I am working on the 3 quilts at the same time . So if I have time at night to blind hem 1 row by 3 quilts takes about 1 1/2 hours. They are queen size quilts and here they are pinned to my design wall.

Never thought I would be spending time on my sewing machine making masks... But I did today.
I am making the very simple rectangle with a couple of pleats version. Very simple and easy. 
Inside is a piece of woven interfacing. As Im not venturing too far these days it will be for shopping and where social distancing cannot be achieved successfully. 

I will be starting to learn  machine embroidery soon after finishing these 3 family quilts. Something I know nothing about. A complete novice. Im interested to see what I can do with it , How I can incorporate it into my style of appliqué and quilt making. Some interesting days ahead Im sure. Between BERNINA Australia and myself we might have some fun to share in a few months time.  Ill keep you posted. 

Look .... Miss Molly. 
The latest member of the Louie family. A fox Terrier pup. She is a cutie and will be a wonderful companion once the silly puppy stage has gone and I can trust her in my studio.  I see long walks and fun times Im sure ahead.  

Some students work. I really love getting photos please send them in . Don't be shy....

Kim's Summer Days ready for quilting by her. 

Jenny appliqué runner 

Close up , fabulous work .

Delora cushion by Sandy.  Beautifully stitched

This is from The Stitched Mandala Collection. This was a workshop designed for me to travel with this year but I will teach next year or when safe to do so. 

Pam has made a wonderful Glamorous Clams cushion and learnt so much about her machine. 

Wow look what Carolyn has achieved very Glam clams indeed... 

Adrienne has made her version os my pattern Dad's Dahlia , wow fantastic so strong those decorative stitches look amazing.. Well done. 

Tham you all for sharing with me your progress. 

Please keep well, stay safe,  keep sewing even somedays whenyou don't feel like it. Just go into your sewing space, touch the fabrics, open a book, tidy up your stash. It will help, we are so lucky to have this passion of quilting in our lives. A wondrous thing is to create , make , take a single piece of fabric and turn it into something beautiful. Enjoy.

Happy Quilting till next time
X Deb 


Barb Neiwert said...

What a nice, caring post - thank you! I am SO over this period in our history. Missing friends and family and just making sure my circle is okay. Looking forward to when this passes. We, too, got a new puppy! He is actually a rehomed 14-month old (still a puppy) whose owner didn't want him any more. What??? He, too, will be a great companion once he grows out of his puppy stage. Maybe another year and a half? He's a Cocker Spaniel and we love him already! Stay well and sane!

DoubleL said...

Love the clams Deb, so colourful and bright. I’ve tidied my fabric, folded And stacked bigger pieces and have bins for the FQs. It was lovely and calming doing that and my stash really isn’t that bad after all. Life is very different now, but here in NZ we are going ok.... for now.

Deborah Louie said...

Lovely to hear from you Barb. Enjoy the puppy cuddles. Happy stitching.

Deborah Louie said...

I find stroking fabric very calming and tidying up so rewarding. Funny after every process whilst making a quilt or project I have to tidy , vacuum etc then I can move on to the next stage.
Enjoy your home and stitching.

Lee B said...

As I'm currently in Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne I am loving a beautiful caring post like yours Deb. Thank you. I've made about 70 masks now for family friends and people who need help in our area, it's nice to still feel productive! I've also finished a couple of small projects I started years ago and am feeling great that they're done - now to get them on the wall! Take care everyone and keep well

Deborah Louie said...

Lovely to hear from you Lee. Wow you have been busy. Yes a good time too finish off projects . Stay well and safe x hugs