Thursday 26 September 2013


Last Wednesday  I had a terrific day filming a new Dvd for Quilters Companion magazine.
This one is for April 2014 MODERN QUILTS #2

This was the very first time two presenters were together. A FIRST !!!!
My partner in crime was the very talented MICHELLE MARVIG
Michelle and I work so very well together we compliment each others skills and I love her company. Soul Quilting sisters we call each other .
I still cant believe the blessings I have on me all the time with my quilting , who would have ever thought I would be doing all of this fun stuff..... and meeting wonderful people and students.

We together made a project. Michelle of course pieced the paltered top beautifully and I machine quilted the quilt. We made a second version of the quilt in a different colour way  and print fabric scenario . Sorry cant show the quilt just yet.
Filming took place at the Hot Potato Studios( yes the wiggles) and yes I kept singing Hot potato hot potato all day long , anyone who knows me , knows I love to sing and just couldn't help myself. :)

 Dorothy greeted us at the front door. Paintings on the studio walls of their Xmas special show !!

They make you feel very special Miriam the make up wonder woman waved her magic want on me.

The set with cameras , lights  and action ........
 Me , Clare Mooney  ( editor of QC ) and Michelle Marvig..
A wonderful day , after we went to the pub for one drink.... we earned it

Thanks Clare and Michelle I had a fantastic time.

Modern Quilts #2 out in newsagents and quilt shops April 2014.

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