Monday 25 February 2019

February News

The first two months of 2019 have been very productive for me and my students. Some fantastic work has been produced during the holidays .

I have a big special announcement coming in a few days .... FOR BERNINA LOVERS stayed tuned...

During January I had a wonderful time stitching and swimming. Summer is my favourite time of the year. This year I have made a new quilt to represent my complete enjoyment of the season.

"Summer Days" it is called.

Reflecting my relaxed mood in summer I have improv cut and improv pieced this bright quilt. The improv work is so enjoyable , I just love it so much.  As with all of my projects there is a beautiful skill building book of this quilt. I have shown step by step how to improv cut and piece to make your own unique fabric.

 I bought a new Mac computer, wow what a difference to write on.  The old Pc was soooooooo slow.

At first with something new it was scary, I admit a few tears were shed trying to get my head around this new format. But now I love my Mac. Summer Days was the first new book to be written on it  and Im very thrilled.

Also, what I decided to do was jump into the Ruler quilting movement with this quilt. Relaxed easy straight line improv organic triangle quilting to reflect the theme of the quilt. I figure one rule technique, for one quilt. Take my time to trial and see how to adapt this formal quilting style to my style of free motion quilting. Goodness knows I don't want my quilting to look like anyone else's. I am an original designer and at times it is hard not to be influenced or guided towards what others do. I have a mantra Run your Own race Deborah. But I needed to jump in and give it a good go for my teaching. 

I had a rule made for me for this quilt. My preference is for a small straight rule with a few lines, keeping it all simple and easy to use. The large rules are difficult to use on a domestic machine, for me anyway, so I had one made for the book. 

As other books I have taken photos during the whole process for a step by step guide to making the quilt.   

Can I tell you how much I love writing these books. With help of my friend Denise, Loz and my sister Doreen who cross the i's and correct my spelling and grammar mistakes we make a great team.
The response to these skill building books is wonderful. They are a wonderful resource for my teaching, quilters refer back to these constantly.

Summer Days will become a 2 day workshop and the first is at Carinya Studio at Pheasants Nest Sydney on June 1-2 , 2019.  If you would like more details please email me at the email below. or for shops , guilds etc Summer Days can be a 2 day workshop in 2020 at your location if you are intrested please email me.

 I had some fun at the location shoot for the book. Photos taken at my local and favourite park, Como Pleasure grounds on the wharf. On the Georges River near my home and very close to my heart surrounded by water and boats  I could not think of any more summer than that.  

This Summer Days book is available for workshop teaching in classes now , but not for sale on the web site for a while.

The second book I have written is "Mums Hibiscus " and this will go up on the web site in a month or two. I am teaching this project at AQC this year along with Dad's Dahlia. Always a fun teaching experience.

Mum's Hibiscus is a bright large flower cushion with fun sketch appliqué and grid 1/2 inch quilting.  A full size pattern sheet with step by step photos to guide you through the whole process ,even with  the front and back of the cushion quilting fully explained and demonstrated. On the website soon

My first workshop this year was one of my special retreats at Carinya Studio which was at Pheasants Nest out from Sydney on the M5 near Mittagong. 
Using an Alexander Henry fabric, I fused the back of fabric, cut out the flowers , made a background and then composed the flowers into a pleasant composition. Sketch free motion stitched and quilted extra elements outside the appliqué . 

Worked well, the ladies will love this I said to myself. Fingers crossed.
At first terror on their faces, then as they started to cut and compose wow what results....This first photo is my piece and then a few of the class work done on the 2 days ....
Deb's original for inspiration 

Denise my wonderful class angel surprised us all with her own runner version she made during the January holiday period.    wonderful... 

Truly unique work. Well done Ladies they are stunning , the weekend was so much more than I ever expected Fantastic ....and I will post others as they are completed. 

Class work photos now from 2 classes at my once a moth classes at and some spectacular quilts are being made so far this year. It is very rewarding for me to see work followed through to make such lovely quilts to have in your home... 
Cushion back from Ros grid quilted pebbles

Teressa's stunning Baltimore see how lovely the blue piping brings out the colour of the appliqué 
More from Ros, she has been very busy , lovely grid quilted leaves in the cushion and pebbles in the other 

Lee-Anne and grid quilting between the lines woo hoo you did it 

Ros has made my jigsaw cushion pattern look so good 

Diane's first ever machine quilted quilt ... Pretty wonderful 

Ros with her  Dresden Plate looking amazing all machine blind hem appliqued.

Daisy Paths Quilt looks spectacular.

 Well that's all from me for the time being. Im on a mission to blog more ...

Bernina lovers watch out something great is coming from me....

Happy Quilting 
X Deb 

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