Thursday 29 August 2013

Baltimore progress

A quick post to those interested in the progress of the Baltimore quilts.
I am so very happy with all of the quilts they are all stunning.
Pictures tell the story so much better that I ever could.
Keep up the fantastic work ladies.

Bev's feature fabric that the quilt colour way is based on is going to be the sash as well. And

below is the perfect piecing for the corner stone

 The next few photos are from Kate's quilt. Kate is working in 1930 's fabrics with accents of plain coloured fabrics and the most darling black and white spot. The spot adds such a cute modern swing on the traditional usual 30's look. Beautiful Kate ......

Love them all

 This is Lorraine quilt where we were laying out the blocks to see of the  lilac sash was the right way to go. Yes and a small basic raspberry/orange/ yellow peeper will just set of off.

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Lee B said...

Just beautiful work in both this post & the last Deb - so inspirational. Thank you for sharing it. Kate's quilt appeals to me especially - love the spot fabric.