Wednesday 25 June 2014


I'm very proud to announce the latest DVD I am featured in with my wonderful friend Michelle Marvig
This is the cover of the magazine which is out this Thursday 26th June 2014.Ive just had a sneak peak at the magazine and there are sensational modern quilts in the magazine , great inspiration.....
Cover of the DVD.
Dvds are very enjoyable to shoot and a whole lots of fun especially with great friends.
 Miriam the talented makeup artist  who manages to make us look the best we can here clapping us in .... Yes they have a clapper....Here me with Clare Mooney

And this shot I love, Clare , Michelle and little old me .... having fun.
Michelle is showing the viewers how to piece up this stunning platted quilt and I show how to quilt it . I chose to take inspiration from the piecing and one side I have duplicated the piecing lines with the walking foot straight strong lines and on the larger side I have quilted large pebbles and geometric sharp line work. I think it works well... You check it out and let me know . Hope you enjoy the DVD.
Wanted to share some work by my talented once a month girls.

Here Christine from Hobby sew kings park bought in an embroidery quilt she has been quilting but just needed some finishing advise. The large blue sashing's were vacant, so I drew up this flower and leaves pattern for her and off Christine went she has lovely sashes and some shadowing around the embroidery and its finished off beautifully.

More photos  of the daisy quilts to show their progress.
I love that you all trust me and go off and take my initial design and advise, and make your own version of daisy path quilts. I love them all.


 I just returned from Melbourne with Sewing Connection Pakenham with Sue and Sandy. My yearly teaching gig there, sharing my expertise with the ladies. Every year I have a room full of eager quilters, hungry for knowledge, and this year was no exception.
 I get so much out of the classes when I make a difference in their approach to machine quilting. I think I lit a few new fires in the bellies of the ladies .Have fun and quilt quilt quilt......

Next year Sue and sandy are excited to have me teach some new free form piecing, cutting and quilting ides I have for a 2 day class. Watch this blog for more details and dates .

Here is a sneak preview of my finished quilt fro my sister " My Sister my Friend" Took a gazillion or so it seemed hours of quilting , and I'm just so happy its done.... You know sometimes you get a little over the one project dominating ever thought .. well that's how I feel. I'm happy with it and I hope Doreen will love it .
I recently went back to Parkes again To Vanessa's wool and Craft shop ,it feels l just like visiting family. Vanessa, Dale and Annie make me feel so welcome. We dine out and chat its fun. Oh yes the classes always go well too. I really enjoy seeing the girls develop their skills over the years. Back again in July 2015. 

Daisy Paths looked great...

On being stitched under a machine.
Blistery cold wind here at the moment in Sydney so stay safe
Happy Quilting everyone
Thanks for listening

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Julie Lynch said...

Hello, I just watched the new DVD and am trying to find the memory settings for a Janome MC8900QCP to program the short and long stitch. I tried it with the walking foot but it refused to add a stitch to the memory and the other method I tried refused to allow the setting with the straight stitch foot on. I do hope you have an easy answer for me. Thank you.